From around time

7 10 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words… but how many feelings? I was just looking for an excuse to browse through old pics… and I found one: a new post! 🙂


Peeling the sun

19 03 2009

Freshness, sun, juice, health, cells, sweetness, fruit salad, squeeze, peel, eye sting, vitamin C, holiday

Romanian tradition in Denmark

19 03 2009

No matter where you are or for how long, you will always resort to your traditions. On the 9th of March some Romanian christian orthodox celebrated Mucenici. Even if we weren’t in Romania we took a shot at having the traditional pastry. And this is when we realized that no matter where we will be, we will always be who we were brought up to be. Only the perspectives may change …

Art, not beer, at Carlsberg Glyptotek

3 03 2009

Sunday, the official first day of Spring, has found us, the Romanian group in DK, at Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. We marked trinket day by indulging ourselves in the art of the past. And what a great feeling it was! Between statues of Ancient Greece, heads of long gone Romans and Egyptian sarcophagi it felt like the world we knew was somewhere far away in time and space, and we had to travel back to it through many many years.

There, near Athena’s bust and close to Amun’s miniature statue, humanity looked gradious in white and black, in stone and marble, in wood and steel. Walking through history was as easy as passing from one room to another. Little from the struggle of those times was felt, little but the marks engraved in stone.

The winter garden - Carlsberg Glyptotek

There, in the winter garden, we wished to be princesses and princes, empresses and emperors, just for a few minutes.

Thanks Ana and Mirona for this great start of spring, for this nicely carved artistic trinket.

A new continuum…

3 03 2009

It’s not that I have to start writting and posting again… I have hardly done this in the past, but I guess I just have to get used to blogging more often. It’s not something that I feel I have to do, but something that I feel I might have fun doing 🙂

The fact of the matter is that I always thought that I shouldn’t post only for the fun of it, but posts should have a meaning, a purpose, maybe even a higher scope… and now I realized that maybe they are just supposed to be fun writting about meaningful bits and pieces of my life… meaningful for me and close ones, that is…